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2012 Classes

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Date Topic Training/Talks Notes and Handouts
1-4-2012 Word 2007 Learn some basics of using Windows and Word Processing. Talked about the 3 Nevers. Worked with pictures. Learned about the Quick Access Toolbar. Discussed the merits of using PDFs. Learned the difference between .doc and .docx files. Click to view detail notes from the class.
1-12-2012 Basic HTML
part 1
Learn the basics of using HTML to build your own personal Web page. Will begin to learn the code behind Web pages such as <b> <i> <u> <h1> <a href...> <hr> <p> <br> <center> by coding in notepad and see what we did in Internet Explorer.

Basic HTML Template | index Page built in class | Part 1 Notes

1-19-2012 Basic HTML
part 2

Will learn additional HMTL tags as we create a multipage site, and upload it using FTP live to the Internet. (Assumes you have an Internet account with Comcast or Century Link). All software used is part of Windows, so you have it on your machine already.

Step by Step Notes for both Parts

2-1-2012 Word 2007
Part 2
Learn some basics of using Windows and Word Processing. Class flows with the needs of the group present. Learned about using tables, cut/copy/paste, inserting clip art and pictures, creating a letterhead template, making a flyer with a picture from the Web and a fancy page border, using the letterhead template to type a letter and then have Word print the envelope to mail the letter, and saving the document as a PDF.

Notes from Word 2007 part 2

2-2-2012 Skype Talk around the world for free and see who you are talking to! How to set it up and use it on your computer. Learned how to install Skype, set up the video and sound, change some options, add contacts, and make and receive calls.

Notes from the Skype class

2-9-2012 Useful Web Sites A look at a number of Web sites and what you can use them for

Notes from the Useful  Web Sites class

White Paper on adding a signature to your Emails

2-16-2012 Address Book Using a word processor, build, maintain, sort, and search your own personal address book. Also covered using the address book to print labels. Learned to Pin a shortcut to the Start menu, how to save as a PDF, how to password protect a Word document, and looked at creating your own Web page at

Class Notes
How to Export Contacts from Gmail

3-1-2012 Working with Photos Saving images on your computer or in the cloud. Capturing images from the screen. Resizing and editing. All using software that comes with Windows.

White Paper on Working with Pictures

3-8-2012 Using Google Docs Creating, editing, printing, sharing, and backing up documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the cloud.

Notes on Using Google Docs

3-22-2012 Spreadsheets Made Easy The basics of using a spreadsheet--Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs, etc. Laying out a spreadsheet. Using formulas and functions. Formatting and printing.

Spreadsheet Basics Handout Download Useful Worksheets

4-5-2012 Selling on eBay eBay is a great place for finding bargains, but it is also a good way to pick up some extra cash by selling some of those items that have been hanging around the house for years. Learn how to post an item, how to receive payment safely, and how to ship your items.

Selling on eBay Handout

4-19-2012 More Microsoft Word We have covered the basics, now let's talk about how to create a flyer, a newsletter, and even print greeting cards in Microsoft Word.

More Word Handout

5-3-2012 Publishing a Book Get those memoirs together and create a book for your children to keep forever, start that novel you have always thought about, or just come to learn something new. And it is easy and free. Get published in hard copy, as an eBook, and even on Kindle.

5-10-2012 Reading a Book Electronically There are many eReaders out there, the most popular seems to be Kindle and Nook. Learn how to read their books right on your PC or Tablet without having to purchase a reader device. And why consider getting one? Find out about hundreds of free books to read.

I receive a list each day of free Kindle books from
5-17-2012 YouTube

Finding material on YouTube. Creating your own YouTube movie. And downloading a YouTube movie to your computer.

Handout for YouTube Class



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